The CAARR Institute

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graduates-1The California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) established the CAARR Institute in 1978 to offer an alternative form of education for recovering people working in the alcohol and drug field.

Many of these recovering people chose to work in programs providing peer leadership and experience after finding recovery themselves through participation in alcohol and drug programs. It was discovered that these individuals, who understood the process of recovery that worked for them, could improve their effectiveness by gaining knowledge and technical skills through education.

The Institute was designed to be offered in a comfortable, less "academic" atmosphere in easily accessible locations. Instructors are recruited who can teach the curriculum and share with the students from their experience in the field.

As more research on recovery and addiction becomes available the curriculum is revised, edited, and expanded to meet the changing needs of students, programs, and the people they serve.

training-1Today our Institute has grown and is offered at twenty-six sites throughout California including suburban, urban, and rural communities. The geographic scope of the CAARR Institute reaches from Imperial County in southern California as far north as Modoc County and several County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators have sent their county alcohol and drug program employees to the Institute. The CAARR Institute curriculum has also been translated and offered to students from two countries, Mexico and Korea.

The curriculum addresses a broad scope of information including but not limited to the areas of "Core Competencies" as developed in the CSAT TAP 21. Successful completion of the Institute fulfills the education requirement for CAS certification.