State Contracts

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SMRSCAARR has a collaborative agreement with Social Model Recovery Systems, Inc. (SMRS) to primarily assist licensed and certified programs to achieve and maintain quality services.  We provide training on a scheduled basis in Northern and Southern California on how to become licensed and certified by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

In addition, we offer “brush-up” classes for programs renewing licenses and or certification. In addition and consistent with our Contract we offer training events that enhance program delivery including but not limited to: Program Design; Serving Specific Populations; Program Management; Funding and Fiscal Management; Boards of Directors Development; Program Policies and Procedures; Documentation; Ethics; and Confidentiality.  We also offer Technical Assistance when a class-room setting would not be appropriate. Such TA would include individual consultation on problem areas such as program delivery, personnel issues, fiscal management, and other topics related to licensing and certification. Such consultation is available on site, and by telephone. We offer CEU’s for all our training events.

Disability Access Technical Assistance and Training Project

The goal of this project is to assist alcohol and other drug programs to serve people with disabilities and coexisting alcohol and drug abuse problems by providing training and technical assistance regarding the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title 24 of the California Building Code. As with our other State contracts, we provide these services through regional training and individual technical assistance.

Independent Peer Review Project

The purpose of this project is to conduct independendent peer reviews of client assessments, recovery or treatment plans, in-place referral systems, and interviews of clients to assess the quality and appropriateness, and efficacy of recovery and treatment services. The federal Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 requires that providers receiving federal SAPT block grant funds from the State be reviewed by peers independent of the funding source. To this end we recruit consultants each year to actually conduct the peer reviews.

Past Contracts

Women and Adolescent Girls Project

Through this contract CAARR provides a series of trainings regarding trauma-informed services for adolescent girls and women in Northern, Central, and Southern California with Dr. Stephanie Covington providing the workshops utilizing specific curriculum developed for these topics. We also provide technical assistance for programs to implement these materials.